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JAMstack is breathing new life into the static site scene. Sanity is a JAMstack-ready headless CMS that’s built to fuel lightning-fast static websites and applications with JavaScript, APIs, and Markup.

CMS Editor Interface for JAMstack

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For the past year I've been obsessed with digging through and testing out different #headlessCMS for the #JAMStack comparing feature sets for editors, DX, extendibility, etc. Honestly by far I think @sanity_io stands WAY out and I can't believe how mature the product is!

The Best Editor Interface

Sanity stores content in a flexible Portable Text format — whether it’s XML, HTML, or another text format . That means you can easily integrate content into the prerendered markup under the JAMstack approach. The content can also be reused beyond your JAMstack site for other channels or digital touchpoints as well.

Flexible and Powerful APIs

Sanity also has a rich set of REST APIs that can integrate with a variety of frameworks, libraries, and tools to bring dynamic functionality to your JAMstack website. There’s also GraphQL support and Sanity’s own innovative tool — Graph Oriented Query Language (GROQ). There’s no API limitations when it comes to providing content and functionality for your JAMStack websites.

Why Choose a JAMstack Headless CMS?

  • Adopt a lightweight CMS and web architecture
  • Build fast and secure websites that scale
  • Use the frontend tools your developers like most
  • Pull content using REST, GraphQL, GROQ, and more
  • Provide an enjoyable JAMStack developer experience
  • Leverage GatsbyJS live previews for building digital experiences
  • Store content in a flexible Portable Text formats
  • Deploy your JAMStack site quickly using Netlify

Static Site Generator Integrations

Sanity has flexible support for static site generators. The platform, for example, can integrate with GatsbyJS to enable live previews of static sites before publishing. Sanity is lightweight and can work with Hugo, Jekyll, and any other tool as well. That means you can build a compelling JAMstack React app without any additional effort.

What is JAMstack?

JAMstack — JavaScript, APIs, and Markup — is a web architecture for building high-performance dynamic websites. JavaScript handles any dynamic functionality during runtime from the client. APIs communicate over HTTPS to pull backend data and leverage third-party functionality. Markup is pre rendered before deployment using a static site generator or other similar tool

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