Sanity + Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Modern composable commerce experiences

Build custom storefronts and better digital experiences with Sanity as your central source of truth for content. It’s fast for developers to build, and intuitive for content teams to use.

Diagram showing how Sanity integrates with an e-commerce platform and your headless front-end

Sanity + Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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Integrates with your entire stack

Connect SFCC and your CRM (SFDC), ERP, and PIM to the Sanity Content Lake to flow data about products, inventory, orders, and more into Sanity. Content is treated as data and stored as JSON to power content beyond your storefront.

Unleashes creativity

With the freedom to create nuanced relationships between unlimited content types, express the connections across your content. Reuse, mix, and match content for different contexts, giving content teams the freedom to innovate and experiment and creating a connected customer experience across your brand.

Built to scale

Future-proof with a composable stack of the best solutions to meet your needs. Adapt easily as your business evolves without being forced into full rebuilds or clunky stop-gaps. Data is stored with the highest security standards and reliably delivered to any integration point without sacrificing store performance.

Trusted by leading e-commerce brands

Case study

Powering PUMA: Multi-Channel Campaigns Unified by Sanity

Sanity enabled PUMA to create a single source of truth for content so they can move faster, create innovative, multi-channel, digital campaigns, and achieve a holistic brand across markets.

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A portrait of Bettina Donmez
PUMA logo

Sanity is the connective tissue for all of our digital properties, syncing content for all of PUMA's global markets.

Bettina Donmez · Senior Manager of E-commerce Platform Development at PUMA

Create content once, reuse everywhere

No matter the channel, region, or device—deliver on-brand, consistent, and up-to-date content by projecting every display from a uniform structured content layer.

Reuse, mix, and match content for different contexts, while keeping every touchpoint in sync with your structured content.

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A portrait of Oren Schauble
Lift Foils logo

“The site is lightning-fast, we’re very happy about it. We have this new, really rich experience—full-stream video on everything, huge images—so the fact that it loads so fast is next-level success for us.”

Oren Schauble · Head of Marketing at Lift Foils

Deliver vibrant content—without slowing your site

Get lightning-fast site speed that keeps pace with quick purchase decisions. Sanity’s integrated asset CDN optimizes processing and caching across images, videos, and more. Develop using the frameworks you’ve chosen as part of your modern stacks, like Hydrogen, Next.js, Gatsby.js, and Nuxt.js.

Handle complex product configurations with ease

Easily express complex product relationships— like variants, product sets, and categories, and more —to create cohesive shopping experiences that speed conversion and increase checkout values.

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A portrait of Ashley Brooks
AETHER Apparel logo

Sanity lets us say yes to our creative ideas. It's an awesome feeling and has really opened up how we think about engaging with our customers. We are seeing increased time on page, time per session, conversion rates, average order value—pretty much every metric you can think of.

Ashley Brooks · Digital/E-commerce Operations Manager at AETHER Apparel

Sanity Studio

Unleash your ideas. Ship with confidence and speed.

Give your teams editing experiences as joyful as the content they create. Customized to support any content type or workflow. Pre-loaded with visual editing tools that understand content reuse.

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Accelerate content workflows

Customize workflows so content teams move fast and work together seamlessly during launches or holiday sales. With real-time collaboration, they can work in the same document without clashing or getting locked out. Use Sanity AI Assist to eliminate repetitive chores like writing meta descriptions or alternative titles.

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Graphic displaying an example editorial workflow for a spring cleaning sale

Make content your competitive advantage