Go Behind the Experience to see how Tecovas brings the West to life with Sanity 🤠 July 18th

Sanity Content Lake

Freedom to innovate starts with setting your back end free

Centralize content and context

Ready for today and tomorrow

Move fast with confidence

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Database powers for structured content

Code-optimized data pipelines

Schemaless JSON datastore

No-ops storage and delivery


Pull in any data, send it anywhere

Data flow of Content Lake

Single source of truth

Create once, reuse everywhere

Single source of truth

Unconstrained content modeling

Express the richness your content

Content model

Precise querying

Serve front-end requests rapidly

Query content to the frontend

Surgical content updates

Make fast, error-free changes

Fast content updates

Enterprise-grade infrastructure

You’re covered, out-of-the-box

Out-of-the-box infrastructure
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Make content your competitive advantage