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Asset source for Fiona placeholders

Generate a sample of random fiona shapes that you can use for placeholders.

Fiona Placeholder (Asset Source)


  • sanity install asset-source-fiona-placeholder


Then you should be able to use in your model as follows...

... in your schema file, import the source asset

import FionaPlaceholder from "part:sanity-plugin-asset-source/fiona-placeholder";

... in your schema define the FionaPlaceholder as an image source

  name: "name",
  type: "image",
  options: {
    sources: [FionaPlaceholder]

Now when you go to select an image, it should present you with a buffet of brightly coloured placeholder images.


The images are gerated as SVG images that are then base64 encoded as a url. The image generation is done by Fiona - your friendly pseudo random data generating library:

Install command

sanity install asset-source-fiona-placeholder

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