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URL to Screenshot

By Surjith S M

Sanity plugin to generate screenshots from URL


Sanity Plugin to generate Screenshots from URL.

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sanity install asset-source-screenshotone


This plugin is based on this awesome tool called Screenshot One. Create a free account to get started. Then go to the "Access" tab and copy your Access Key. Then add your access key to <your-studio-folder>/config/asset-source-screenshotone.json:

  "AccessKey": "<YOUR_ACCESS_KEY_HERE>"


That's it. Now whenever you add an image field, you can see "Screenshot from URL" link from the dropdown. Then you can generate and insert the screenshot with the settings available.

Local Development

This plugin is powered by Follow the steps to develop locally.

cd sanity-plugin-asset-source-screenshotone
npm link
yarn build

# Link the plugin to your Sanity studio and start it
cd /path/to/my-studio
npm link sanity-plugin-asset-source-screenshotone
sanity install asset-source-screenshotone
sanity start

# In another terminal, start a watch task for your plugin
cd /path/to/sanity-plugin-spotify
npm run watch


MIT © Surjith S M See LICENSE

Install command

sanity install asset-source-screenshotone


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