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A Open House

Delightful Editorial Experiences

December 8th, 2021
09.00am – 12.30pm PDT
Virtual event

Join us and panelists from Shopify, Figma, Loom, and Fnatic for the next Open House. Be part of a feature launch, learn our vision for 2022, and let's talk about the importance of collaborating on great authoring tools.

Delightful Editorial Experiences is part of the Open House series where we invite friends to share our thoughts, show our work, and get to meet all of you.

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Delightful Editorial Experiences. A Open House.
05:00 PM


  • Tarun Gangwani (he/him)
    Banter Lead, Product Manager,
05:10 PM


What we have done in 2021. Where we headed. What we are trying to solve.

  • Magnus Hillestad (he/him)
    CEO, Co-founder
05:30 PM

Poor Editorial Experiences Are Holding You Back

Content creators need a way to create sustainable content that connects with the audience throughout its lifecycle. Break through the silos to co-create just what they need.

  • Simen Svale Skogsrud (he/him)
    CTO, Co-founder
  • Carrie Hane (she/her)
    Head of Content Strategy Relations
06:00 PM

Demo of new features

We want to show you what we've been working on.

  • Knut Melvær (he/him)
    Head of Developer Relations
  • …and team
06:30 PM

How great editing tools empower teams

We've invited a panel from Figma, Loom, and our own customer success team to talk about the importance of authoring tools for content work.

  • Andrea Helmbolt (she/her)
    Brand Strategist, Figma
  • Tatiana Mac (they/she)
    Independent Engineer, Loom
  • Lauren Etheridge (she/her)
    Developer Relations Specialists, DEI efforts,
  • Carolina Gonzalez (she/her)
    Solution engineer,
07:00 PM

Building Flagships: Content and Commerce

We have invited Kusum Kanwar from Shopify, and Sam Mathews from the eSport team Fnatic in a conversation with Even Westvang about the role of content immersive experiences and e-commerce.

  • Kusum Kanwar (she/her)
    Product Lead, Shopify
  • Sam Mathews (he/him)
    Founder & CEO, Fnatic
  • Even Westvang (he/him)
    Co-founder, Applications,
06:30 PM

Open House

Hang out with the full team

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