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Community Code of Conduct

This is the Code of Conduct that details the expected and unacceptable behaviors when participating in Sanity events or community spaces.

Welcome to the Sanity Community

All participants in the Sanity.io community must comply with the Sanity.io code of conduct. This includes discussions and contributions to GitHub repositories, our Slack workspace, meetups, events, and other venues hosted by Sanity.io. We’re all on the same team and responsible for maintaining a welcoming community.

The Community Slack

If you join the Sanity Slack, you will be welcomed with this message:

This space is community-driven, so feel free to suggest new channels, emojis, integrations, or whatever you think will make this place better and more useful for everyone (#ideas-and-feedback). We welcome everyone to help each other out!

Read this before asking for help:

  • Keep the noise down by only posting a question in one appropriate channel (we will delete duplicates without notice)
  • State your problem/question in the main message, and provide useful context in threads (error messages, steps to reproduce, etc.)
  • Make code examples easy to read by using the code block formatting or linking to gists on Github, etc.
  • Do not tag Sanity team members in threads or send them Direct Messages, even though you are frustrated and stuck. This is incredibly distracting for the team and undermines the purpose of a community where your question can be helpful to others. The Sanity team is told to ignore unsolicited DMs.
  • If you use ChatGPT to help people, check the quality of the answer first. ChatGPT often gets it wrong.

The short version

Everyone at Sanity is dedicated to providing an inclusive, safe, and harassment-free environment for all participants regardless of age, disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, nationality, or religion (or lack thereof). This includes memes, emojis, and GIFs. And remember, we’re not only “guys” – including us at Sanity HQ – (we are people, folks, friends, y’all, etc.).


The community Slack workspace features automatic moderation that triggers on use of words and phrases recognized as non-inclusive for under-represented groups in tech. The purpose of this bot is to mitigate language that prevents people from feeling belonging and to educate how we all can act more inclusively in a space with many different people coming from different backgrounds and experiences.

All attendees, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers must agree with this code of conduct at events and in our community spaces. We expect cooperation from everyone to help ensure a safe environment for everybody.

If someone makes you or anyone else feel unsafe or unwelcome, please report it as soon as possible.

You can make a report by:

  • Contacting a member of Sanity HQ as denoted in their community chat username
  • Emailing: community@sanity.io

The long version

First of all, thank you for reading this! We want you to come to our community and feel that you can be your authentic self.

The Sanity community is made of people with a common agenda, cause, and interests, who collaborate by sharing ideas, information, and resources. It is important that each and every person attending our events and spaces has a positive and rewarding experience and to that end, we are committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for all participants, speakers, and staff.

Expected behavior

  • We expect everyone to:
    • Follow this code of conduct; it’s important for us!
    • Use inclusive language
    • Let people finish speaking and give each other space to share their thoughts
    • Treat each other with consideration and curiosity, and celebrate that we’re all stoked about technology, structured content, and the Sanity community (we hope!)
    • Be mindful that everyone comes with their own struggles and experiences
    • Keep all conversations in public channels unless you have explicit consent from the receiver to have direct interaction or direct message (DM)
    • Celebrate and cheer for each other!
    • Follow health guidelines from local health authorities and the venue (wearing masks, hygiene, etc.)
    • Make content that’s accessible, not limited to adding alternative text to slides and images, making transcriptions for audio, and adding closed captioning to videos

Unacceptable behavior

  • Harassment is not tolerated. That includes, but is not limited to:
    • Comments that are unwelcomed or offensive relating to gender, gender identity, and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion
    • Sexual images, GIFs, and memes in public spaces
    • Spamming messages or advertisements
    • Deliberate intimidation, stalking, or following
    • Purposeful misgendering of any person
    • Harassing photography or recording
    • Disruption of talks or other events
    • Inappropriate physical contact
    • Invasion of personal space
    • Unwelcome sexual attention
    • Bring any kind of weapon
    • Advocating for or encouraging any of the above behavior
    • Portray any of the above behavior in any medium (chat, email, social media, webinars, etc.)
    • Make false reports or exploit the code of conduct to exclude people or for purposes of retaliation
  • Physical violence or threatening behavior is not tolerated. That includes, but is not limited to, hitting, punching, pushing, kicking, pinching, biting, shouting, and spitting.

Consequences of unacceptable behavior

  • Engaging in unacceptable behavior will result in the following:
    • A host contacting you to figure out what happened
    • You’ll be given instructions for expected behavior going forward, and you are expected to comply immediately
    • Removal from the event or space
    • Lose of access to Sanity’s community platforms and future events


If someone makes you or anyone else feel unsafe or unwelcome, please report it as soon as possible.

You can make a report by:

  • Contacting a member of Sanity HQ as denoted in their community chat username
  • Emailing: community@sanity.io

Emergency contact information

For life-threatening emergencies, call 911.

Mental health and crisis phone numbers:

San Francisco Crisis Line1-415-781-0500
U.S. National Suicide & Veteran Crisis Hotline1-800-273-8255
TTY - U.S. National Suicide LineUse your preferred relay service or dial 711 then 1-800-273-8255

Mental health and crisis chat services:

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