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Community Code of Conduct

This is the welcome message that details the conduct we expect from the Sanity community.

All participants in the community are required to comply with the code of conduct. This includes discussions and contributions to GitHub repositories, our Slack workspace, meetups, events, and other venues hosted by

If you have concerns or something to report, please do so on

Welcome message for the community Slack workspace

When you join the Sanity community on Slack you will be greeted by the message below.

Welcome to the community!

Super happy to see you here! This space is community driven so feel free to ask @knut or @peter to suggest new channels, emojis, integrations or whatever you think will make this place better and more useful for everyone. We welcome everyone to help each other out!

As with all communities, we have some informal rules to keep things friendly. We have a code of conduct (see link below), but generally:

1. Respect other people. We’re all on the same team here so let’s have fun, share what we know, and hopefully learn something new. No bullying, harassment, racism, or sexism. Memes and emojis included. Generally, just be excellent to each other. And remember, we’re not only “guys” in this slack community – including us at Sanity HQ – (we are people, folks, friends, y’all, etc). We take our code of conduct seriously. People who don't comply with our directions will be banned. We will give you a friendly nudge on DM if we think you have overstepped without intent, so that you can remove or edit the message.

2. Introduce yourself! If you’re new here, welcome! Glad to have you. We’d be happy to have you introduce yourself at #introductions (but no pressure). If you have any questions, try in #help. Maybe you’ve already made something you’d like to share or get feedback on? Try #i-made-this. If you’re not sure – you’ll make our day if you ask us to help you out.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask! There’s no such thing as a stupid question. We’re here to learn and we encourage people to ask questions about anything related to and how to use it with other technologies. However, to help us help you, format your message correctly, add the necessary context for us to be able to help you, and reference a link to / / code snippet whenever possible. Check the slack formatting options to make your message more readable.

4. No spam. Nobody likes spam so let’s keep this community clean and relevant. Duplicated messages and ads might be deleted.

5. Be understanding. The team is here to help you, but we also need to spend a bit of time building and improving the product. We can't answer you on direct messages, unless we actively invite you to (for example, when there's sensitive information to be exchanged). The office hours are listed in the topic — that’s when we’re most active. If your message hasn't been responded to within 24 hours, feel free to bump it by posting a link to the message in #help.

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