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Last updated November 03, 2020

Using Sanity with Jungle.js and Svelte

How to add your Sanity.io project as a data source for a Jungle.js powered blog. Jungle.js is a new Svelte framework that is essentially a Svelte alternative to Gatsby, a very popular React framework for Static Site Generation (SSG).

Sanity – build remarkable experiences at scale

Sanity Composable Content Cloud is the headless CMS that gives you (and your team) a content backend to drive websites and applications with modern tooling. It offers a real-time editing environment for content creators that’s easy to configure but designed to be customized with JavaScript and React when needed. With the hosted document store, you query content freely and easily integrate with any framework or data source to distribute and enrich content.

Sanity scales from weekend projects to enterprise needs and is used by companies like Puma, AT&T, Burger King, Tata, and Figma.