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Ship content faster with Sanity and Next.js

Sanity gives you a built-in CMS right in your Next.js app. Get started with instant previews and real-time collaboration with our Vercel integration.

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Sanity and Next.js pairs perfectly

One stack, all React

Sanity and Next.js are both written in React. Use all the React packages and integrations you know and love. Anywhere you need to. Backend to frontend. All React.

Data where you need it

Sanity pairs perfectly with Next.js data fetching and rendering patterns. SSG, SSR, ISR, RSC — it’s all possible. Plus we have the docs and examples you need to get it done!

Data how you want it

Use Sanity’s powerful query APIs to filter, sort, and shape your data on the server. Give your frontend exactly the data it needs! Real-time or build time.

Live previews

No more waiting for slow builds. Setup previews for your Next.js site directly inside of Sanity so you can catch that typo before hitting publish.

Embeddable studio

Sanity is a standalone React application and can be embedded directly inside your Next.js project. No more awkward URLs. Just content editing wherever you want it.

Official integration

Sanity has an official toolkit for NextJS built to make integrating Next.js and Sanity a breeze. We take care of the hard stuff so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Sanity + Next.js Toolkit

Ease into the App Router with the Sanity Toolkit for Next.js

Achieve next-level performance with our enhanced Next.js toolkit - tailored to developers and designed for optimal user experiences:

  • Live previews
  • Visual editing
  • Embedded Sanity Studio
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A portrait of Max Karlsson

I am using Sanity with Next.js and I don't think there is a more flexible CMS out there.

Max Karlsson · Frontend Tech Lead at Culture Kings

Starter templates

Fully configured Next.js + Sanity templates

Deploy a full-stack content app in just a few clicks with our Vercel integration:

  1. Clean Next.js + Sanity template ➔
  2. Personal Website template ➔
  3. Blog template ➔
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Ship content faster with Sanity and Next.js