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v3 Ready

By Rein Undheim

Allows you to use the api from the studio to remove the background from your images



This is the Sanity Studio v3 version of sanity-plugin-asset-source-remove-bg.

What is it?

Plugin for Sanity Studio providing asset source for removing the background of existing images with the API. Caution: The service offers 50 free preview images each month, which are of a lower quality, but you are able to purchase credits at their website. (I am not affiliated by any means with


  • Remove the background of images.
  • Select the type and format of the images.
  • See remaining free previews and credits left in your account.
  • Select which Sanity user roles are allowed to use the API.

What might be added

  • Set a custom background color or picture.

  • Batch conversion

  • Uploading an image directly to the plugin for bg removal without storing it in the sanity library

  • ??? any suggestions?

    Remove BG Asset Source


npm install --save sanity-plugin-asset-source-remove-bg


yarn add sanity-plugin-asset-source-remove-bg



  • apiKey: String | Can be created here:

  • allowedUserRoles?: String[]

    Add it as a plugin in sanity.config.ts (or .js):

 import {createConfig} from 'sanity'
 import {removeBgAssetSourcePlugin} from 'sanity-plugin-remove-bg-converter'

 export const createConfig({
     plugins: [
             apiKey: "my-api-key",
             allowedUserRoles: ["administrator", "editor"]

Develop & test

Make sure to run npm run build once, then run

npm run link-watch

In another shell, cd to your test studio and run:

npx yalc add sanity-plugin-asset-source-giphy --link && yarn install

Now, changes in this repo will be automatically built and pushed to the studio, triggering hotreload. Yalc avoids issues with react-hooks that are typical when using yarn/npm link.

About build & watch

This plugin uses @sanity/plugin-kit with default configuration for build & watch scripts.


MIT © Rein Undheim See LICENSE

Studio Version

This plugin is available for Studio v3.What are studio versions and which do I choose?