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Offsite Sanity Backups

By Simon Bennett

Backup your Sanity dataset to offsite storage like AWS S3 Dropbox any more

Sanity Backups Backup your sanity datasets to your own offsite storage, AWS S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Backblaze, Any other S3, Dropbox, Google Drive or Azure.

Schedule backups from Daily to hourly, or provide your own cron schedule.

Getting Started


  • To go
  • Click on your product
  • copy Product ID
  • Click on the Datasets tab
  • Note down the title of your dataset
  • Click API Tab
  • Add API Token
  • Name it e.g. SnapShooter Backups
  • Set permissions to Viewer or Editor
  • Save
  • Copy API Key

If you do not copy the API key when shown you will not be shown again and will have to recreate it, Sanity should email you confirmation that an API key was generated.

API Key Information

To connect to your sanity studio dataset we require an API key. This can be a read-only or a read-and-write key.

If you want to use our automated restore system when something goes wrong you will need a key with write permissions, you can always provide this just before restoring. You will always be free to download the dataset and restore it yourself using your own key, and thus not provide SnapShooter with a write access key.


Backup Settings Example

Past Backups Example