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Mobile preview

By Jesper Paulsen

The mobile preview plugin makes it possible to preview how a website looks on a mobile phone.


An NPM package written in React used to preview mobile devices. Especially helpful when used in combination with a CMS like sanity.

NPM JavaScript Style Guide


Demo picture


npm install --save sanity-mobile-preview


import SanityMobilePreview from 'sanity-mobile-preview'
import 'sanity-mobile-preview/dist/index.css?raw'

const Example = () => {
    return <SanityMobilePreview />

How to set up preview with Sanity

In order to set up mobile preview with Sanity, you first need to create a new view.

For simplicity, we will copy the predefined preview from IframePreview.js to a file called IframeMobilePreview.js

Add imports:

import SanityMobilePreview from 'sanity-mobile-preview'
import 'sanity-mobile-preview/dist/index.css?raw'

At line 47, replace

    <div className={styles.componentWrapper}>
      <div className={styles.iframeContainer}>
        <iframe src={url} frameBorder={'0'} />


  return (
    <div className={styles.componentWrapper}>
        <div className={styles.iframeContainer}>
          <iframe src={url} frameBorder={'0'} />

Then go to deskStructure.js.

Under getDefaultDocumentNode add the next snippet to the Schemes you want to add mobile preview to:

        .title('Mobile preview')

You should now be able to preview your website with a mobile view.


The SanityMobilePreview takes four optional arguments:

| Argument | Values | Default | | ----------- | ----------- | ----------- | | allowedDevices | An array of MobileDevices. This will be the devices that are selectable in the dropdown menu. | All devices | preSelectedDevice | A MobileDevice. The default device to be selected. | 'iphone-x' | preSelectedColor | A device color. The default device color to selected. | 'black | showMenu | A boolean. Controls the visibility of the dropdowns. | true | preSelectedLandscape | A boolean. The default orientation of the devices | false

If you have specified a preSelectedDevice that is not specified in allowedDevices, it will default to the first device in allowedDevices.

If you have specified a preSelectedColor that is not applicable to the preSelectedDevice, the preSelectedColor will default to black.


This example will load a silver iPad mini as default, and only allows iPhone X and iPad to be selected:

const App = () => {
  return <MobileDevicePreview preSelectedDevice={"ipad"} preSelectedColor={"silver"} allowedDevices={["ipad", "iphone-x"]} >
    <div> This is a demo 🤠</div>


MobileDevices = 'iphone-x' | 'note8' | 'iphone8' | 'iphone8plus' | 'iphone5s' | 'ipad' | 'nexus5'

MobileDeviceColors = 'silver' | 'black' | 'gold'


The different devices are:

| DeviceId | Readable name | Colors | ----------- | ----------- | ----------- | | iphone-x | iPhone X | black | | note8 | Note 8| black | | iphone8 | iPhone 8| black, silver, gold | | iphone8plus | iPhone 8 Plus | black, silver, gold | | iphone5s | iPhone 5s | black, silver, gold | | ipad | iPad mini | black, silver | | nexus5 | Nexus 5 | black |


Marvel Devices



Install command

npm install sanity-mobile-preview