Color list input

By Kim Björkman

Pick from a list of predefined color swatches.


Sanity Color List

Display colors for editors to choose from with this custom input component.

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  1. sanity install color-list
  2. In your schema:
  title: "Color List",
  description: "Pick a color",
  name: "colorlist",
  type: "colors", // required
  options: {
    borderradius: {
      outer: "100%",
      inner: "100%"
    list: [
      { title: "Yellow", value: "rgba(245, 199, 1, 0.5)" },
      { title: "Pink", value: {r: 246, g: 206, b: 219} },
      { title: "Red", value: "#f16d70" },
      { title: "Teal", value: "#88c6db" },
      { title: "Purple", value: "#aca0cc" },
      { title: "Green", value: "#bdcdcb" },
      { title: "White", value: "white" }

Done. The component returns the selected value. If your value was an object it will return an rgb string instead.


This plugin offers some ways of customization via the options object. If you don't use an off-white theme in your studio the defaults should work well out of the box.

{string} [background="white"] // If you are using a theme with a non-white bg use this to inform the plugin of this non-white background color so that contrasts can be calculated properly
{object} [borderradius]
{string} [borderradius.outer="100%"] // Borderradius for the active decorator
{string} [borderradius.inner="100%"] // Borderradius for the main item
{number} [contrastcutoff=20] // 0-255. When the contrast between the background and the color falls below this level decorate the item with a lighter/darker value for better contrast
{number} [darken=10] // How much darker than the actual color the decoration color will be
{number} [lighten=10] // How much lighter than the actual color the decoration color will be
{object} list
{string} list.title
{string || object} list.value // can be an object with keys for r, g and b or a valid color string. 0x formatted hex strings are not supported at the moment.


See the changelog here.

Install command

sanity install color-list


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