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By Dylan McGowan

Complete redesign + rebuild made with Shopify Hydrogen + Sanity

PDP with subscriptions, one time purchases, reviews, and upsell products
Elevated + optimized mobile shopping experience
Products via Sanity + Shopify Connect
Custom page sections / modules
Apothekary uses sanity for all of their website content: knowledge base, ingredients, settings, etc...
Per page SEO that takes precedence over Shopify

About the project

The Apothékary team hired me to develop their rebrand 2.0 website - a complete rebuild with headless technologies: using Shopify for Ecommerce, Hydrogen (Remix) for the frontend/backend framework, and Sanity for content management.

The Sanity Studio is equipped with a custom page builder with a live draft preview. Products are synced from Shopify and extended with custom content types in Sanity.

Apothékary now has complete control and modularity over their website, content, and brand.