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By Magne Hustveit

A tiny application made to display the composition and use of agricultural area for all municipalities and counties of Norway. Built on Sanity and government APIs.

The composition of agricultural area for the municipality, Østre Toten, Norway.

About the project

NIBIO is one of Norway's largest research institutes. They contribute to food security and food safety, sustainable resource management, innovation and value creation through research and knowledge production.

NIBIO delivers updated data for area suitable for food production for all counties and municipalities in Norway through the Area Barometer service. It shows the production basis for agriculture and forestry, as well as how the agricultural areas are used. The area barometer provides knowledge about the area resources, and thus a basis for increased awareness of how they are taken care of. The information can be used in planning work, studies and political processes, and be of benefit to the administration, the press, politicians and the general public.

Our mission was to digitize this service.

We ended up with a system where the pages for the individual municipalities and counties are dynamically generated based on data received from NIBIO's API, and templates retrieved from the CMS. The solution is built with server-side rendering in React.js, graphs and charts are visualized using Highcharts.js and text and images are retrieved from Sanity CMS.