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Circumference Books

By Dan Visel

Circumference Books is a press for publishing books of poetry in facing-page translation. The back end is built on Sanity.

The front page of Circumference Books. All of this is managed from inside of Sanity
One of the book pages at Circumference Books
Circumference Book's online store, using Snipcart based on information inside of Sanity
The page for an author at Circumference Books
Circumference's list of books with buttons to buy them
A blog post from Circumference Books
Editing a book page for Circumference Books
Editing a press appearance
Editing a blog post – note the special link type that links to different blog posts.
Publishing means dealing with blurbs and keeping them all in place for easy use.
Deploy buttons for production and dev versions of the site

About the project

As the technical half of a small press publishing poetry in facing-page translation, I wanted to make a site that was easy to use for non-technical people on a shoestring – nobody's making money off poetry in translation! Sanity lets me make very focused types of data structures that map on to what we're doing – so if someone's making a blog post about a book, for example, instead of making a hard link to the book's page, you can click the "book" icon and get a drop-down menu of the books we've published. It does the same thing for authors, translators, blog posts, and subscription bundles. The end result is a product that's easy for non-technical users to understand, and our data is managed in such a way that it's easy to add new functionality as we need it.


Dan Visel

Designer/developer interested in reading, publishing & digital humanities

Dan is located at Singapore
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