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Cloudflare Workers microsite

A marketing site and project collection for Cloudflare's Workers tool

The "Built With" section containing projects built with Cloudflare Workers, built from an array of custom collections
Studio image showcasing a project schema with name, description, markdown, image, and slug
A studio screenshot showcasing a custom projects array for a unique collections page

About the project

Cloudflare needed a showcase site for Cloudflare Workers. To build it, we chose to work with Gatsby and Sanity. We needed bandwidth-friendly images, easy content modeling, and the ability to create custom layouts and keep our content properly structured.

In order to accomplish this, we created modular page layouts that could be built and edited on the fly. In order to meet our performance needs, we paired Sanity's image optimizations with Gatsby's to achieve truly impressive Lighthouse scores.

The approach to structured content meant that we could quickly create our content models, and let our design team build their designs content-first.

The site contains multiple types of content with a landing page to explain the benefits of Workers, but also a showcase section to show the various sites built with them. Editors can choose projects to go into various categories that affect the way the "Built With" section of the site is displayed.