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By Tom Osowski

Full-service agency. - Sustainable design for mindful brands.

About the project

Dodonut is a digital agency that takes care of the planet. We can help with measuring CO2e aspects of your digital project (how much CO2e your website and service produce), we are really into optimizing the product, and we also help our customers compensate for the carbon footprint they make in the digital area.
Our goal was to create an ultra-sustainable page that produces a very low carbon footprint in all benchmarks like websitecarbon.com
And to be honest, we achieved more than we expected. For the homepage, we achieved 0,04g CO2e per single visit (on average, in the web, it is 1.5g, and the best competitors achieve around 0.2g)
Using Astro build and Sanity helped us optimize the code and avoid a heavy javascript page.


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