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Framing People

By Nethart

Headless eCommerce with Netxt.js/Three.js/Vercel/Sanity/Shopify

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About the project

Framing People invited us to help them build the best possible experience for ordering custom frames online. We built a headless ecommerce platform combining some of the coolest technologies and tools out there.

We have been working with Framing People since 2016 where we built the first version of the product that quickly gained traction and gave the necessary proof of concept.

In 2019 Framing People approached us with a fresh new vision. They wanted to give the best possible experience of ordering custom frames to their customers. A whole new version of the product needed to be built for that.

In 6 months we launced a new headless eCommerce platform.

⁣From the craftsmanship perspective we had an opportunity to blend a very interesting cocktail of modern tools like React.js, Next.js, Vercel, Three.js, Shopify and Sanity.io ⁣⁣

The end result. A web application where people can frame their artwork in the best and most customizable way. In the frame builder users can configure a frame, upload their favorite artwork and 3D-preview the end result. Make sure the outcome is just right.⁣⁣


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