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Handup Gloves

By Agency 1903

Revolutionizing HandupGloves.com with Sanity.io: a seamless fusion of dynamic content flexibility atop Shopify's Hydrogen platform.

Quick-Add Feature on the PLP
Intelligent PLP Filters
Automated Discount Surface Feature
Editable Customer Admin Interface
Reusable Components for PDP's
Customer Admin Interface
Page Level Module Management

About the project

While reimagining HandupGloves.com, we recognized the pivotal role content would play in enhancing user experiences. Traditional CMS solutions were restrictive and lacked the flexibility Handup desired. Enter Sanity.io: our choice to power Handup's content journey. This cutting-edge CMS, integrated with Shopify's Hydrogen platform, has transformed how Handup interacts with its content. Now, they can effortlessly edit, modify, and present content in a more dynamic and engaging way. Hosted on Shopify Oxygen, the website not only benefits from top-tier infrastructure but also promises speed and reliability with Sanity's simple GROQ queries.


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