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By Christian Schröder & Kiron Baier

Levaro implements high performance web solutions, e-commerce platforms and enterprise web presences based on open source technologies.

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About the project

Our approach at Levaro revolves around harnessing the potential of Sanity, enabling us to create an exceptionally modular website. With our intuitive page builder structure, our content editors have the freedom to effortlessly craft new pages that align perfectly with their vision. This level of modularity empowers them to customize and update specific sections of the site according to their unique needs, ensuring a truly personalized user experience.

Furthermore, we are proud to showcase our seamless integration of Next.js and Sanity, enabling the power of a highly flexible frontend. This synergy allows us to not only achieve optimal performance but also provides our content editors with the flexibility to fine-tune the layout and design elements of the website, without ever touching our frontend architecture.