Next + Sanity Theme

By James Rea

Open Source Next.js, Sanity and Tailwind Theme

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About the project

I've been working on a open source theme built with Sanity, Next.js and Tailwind. I plan to keep this theme updated with the latest Sanity and Next.js features so give it a watch on GitHub to be notified of any updates!

Tech Stack:

  • Sanity - Headless CMS
  • Next.js - Framework
  • TypeScript - Language
  • Tailwind - CSS Framework
  • SendGrid - Email API
  • Vercel - Hosting

Here are some notable features the theme currently includes:

  • Custom Post Blocks
  • Global Site Settings
  • Live Previews
  • Embedded Sanity Studio
  • Contact Form (SendGrid API)
  • ConvertKit Integration

Need a freelance Next.js and Sanity developer? I'm available for new projects! Send me an email to get started or visit my website to learn more.


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