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Nick Offerman

By Ronald Aveling

Personal website and E-commerce store for celebrity actor Nick Offerman.

Single video page. Download or rent via Vimeo.
Single book page layout. Fixed main image and purchase CTA on scroll.
Content builder for Book type.
Book particulars. Books are sald and fulfilled by Nick's other main website offermanwoodshop.com, a WooCommerce store.
Events content type. Each event relates to a Tour content type which houses the poster, full writeup, and reviews.
Video content type. Easy links out to Vimeo unique IDs, with pricing info added in-studio.

About the project

Personal website and E-commerce portal for Nick Offerman – the celebrity actor most well known for his portrayal of Ron Swanson in the TV show Parks & Recreation.

Nick already has a website and E-commerce backend for his collective project Offerman Woodshop but needed a place to park his other stuff that wasn't exclusively woodwork related.

Rather than build out a new E-commerce back-end for his personal saleables and deal with the ongoing maintenance overhead that involves, we setup Sanity for content and integrated it with:

  • Vimeo for video sales/analytics
  • WooCommerce to sell books fulfilled by Offerman Woodshop
  • IFTT to query book inventory from WooCommerce and present book quantities statically at regular intervals

We had a blast working with Sanity to build a fast Gatsby site with an easy editing experience.


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