Poke!Book is your own digital notebook for writing poetry. Get into your creative flow with distraction-free environment and never worry about saving what you write!

About the project

What makes PokeBook so cool?

  • Workspace split into two independent notepads – jot down notes in one and write the poem in another!
  • Endless notebook that grows as you write!
  • Everything is stored locally – no need to trust anyone to keep your poems nice and safe! Reload the page, close the tab, even reboot your computer, everything will stay there!
  • Optional Google Drive integration for backing up and synchronizing your poems!
  • The draft is autosaved with every single character written – don't worry about crashes or blackouts so you can focus on the writing!
  • Click "New poem" and you immediately have a clean workspace – previous poem is saved in the Poem Stash™!
  • View, edit and delete your previously written poems and store as many as your computer (or Google Drive) can handle!
  • Express yourself with a selection of themes and fonts!
  • Write your best with PokeHelp mode! PokeHelp provides highlighting rhymes, syllable counter, and text counters (words, characters, lines)
  • Want something more... unconventional? PokeMarkov will help you generate prose, poems, and any other kind of text using Markov chains