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By Moris Pasic

An all-in-one platform to starting and growing your online store.

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About the project

It has been a pleasure building this interesting project using Sanity. Realizing the potential of portable text format, we over-engineered and started using the block-editor for page-building capabilities.

Soon thereafter, we realized that the structured data within the outcome became complex. We then limited some sections to use only conventional page-building capacity using array-builder as shown in other examples.

We're using Gatsby on the frontend and faced some challenges doing proper i18n translations using the existing plugins. We thus decided to create our own solution.

For the styling, we're using Emotion and Theme-UI.

All in all, we love working with Sanity and the collaboration tool is amazing.


Moris Pasic

Dad, Developer & E-commerce specialist. Giving everyone a chance to compete through Quickbutik.

Moris is located at Helsingborg, Sweden
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