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Roewyn Umayam Personal Site

My personal portfolio made with Sanity, TailwindCSS, NextJS, and Netlify. And some ❤️

The section of my website highlighting some featured project write-ups and recent projects.
An example project write up post made with a custom project schema
The main snippets page showcasing a list of code-snippets taken from Sanity
Example of a code-snippet page made possible using sanity schema and the code input plugin.
A list of all the custom tags set up for the various forms of content on my site
A schema for code snippets
The rich text editor that also includes the code-input plugin
The SEO related fields for my project schema involving title, image, and description.
The project overview write up including links and tagged technology to mention with a project.

About the project

My personal site was made to showcase my knowledge in the tech space through different forms of content. I designed the site with NextJS, and TailwindCSS to give me a simple developer experience to rapidly add new pages and update appearances. What I lacked was a system to quickly create content that can easily integrate with my site. I did not want to use just MDX files or just place content in a traditional database as that would be a tiresome chore to make new content.

Using Sanity provided me with a superior editor and developer experience that seemed almost like magic 🔮. By simply making new schema types in Sanity Studio, I am can write up content quickly to deploy on my site. Sanity allows me to create detailed overviews of my projects including SEO data and display code files in write-ups. The flexibility of the platform makes it easy to expand or improve my site's content. Its simplicity and robust community of plugins allowed me to have limitless possibilities on what I could display on my website. The only limit with Sanity is what you confine yourself to thinking content should be.