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By Brandt Milczewski

Chat with characters from your favorite shows. Powered by Sanity, Sveltekit and ChatGPT.

Kramer went swimming in the East River
Dwight knows all
Setup of a group or (show)
Setup of a group member

About the project

The goal here was to try out Vercel Edge functions and ChatGPT to stream responses back to the client in a real time chat emulation. In order to make it more interesting I decided to give the responding bot some personality by sending it a customized prompt.

It worked well so I started to create different types of bots and grouping them together. In the current example at https://chatr.tech the groups are TV shows and the members are characters from the show.

As friends and family played with it more I wanted more flexibility to change and create new bots. This is where Sanity comes in. I created a couple of very simple schemas in Sanity that would act as the TV shows and the characters or bots.