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South East Water UK - Web Estate

By Curtis Chapman & Dave Reader

Leveraging Sanity.io as the CMS for the companies marketing/informational web presence

Our Blog, News and Engineer Scheme schemes in Sanity.io allow for sortable list views on front-end
The Page builder implemented in Sanity.io allows for a columned sectional approach to placing components on the page
Tackling the issue of creating a nested heirarchy to our page structure
The editor experience for News/Blog articles
Stitching pages together with a section based component page builder
Custom publish actions to allow editors to make multiple edits before content is deployed via Netlify

About the project

As a utility company, South East Water UK provides drinking water to the homes of over 2 million customers in the South East England, UK.

Bringing the Web Team in-house and moving away from a pre-existing website managed by an external provider meant identifying the ideal technology stack required to both meet the needs of the overall business, aswell as for those required to update site content on a daily basis.

Settling on Jamstack as the ideal solution, the Web Estate features a Gatsby front-end and a content lake/editor experience via Sanity.io, all deployed through Netlify's CI/CD pipeline.

Sculpting Sanity.io and its schemas, the CMS has been assembled with a section based "page builder" approach, allowing editors to stitch together pages using either single of columned sections, with each section containing a series of individual components. A visual nested heirarchal page structure in the Studio was also designed to ensure editors are easily able to find the page that they are looking for.

This approach has provided the small web team with the agility to quickly create new and interesting components based on feedback from the Digital team and allow for them to be implemented straight into the site with relative ease.

Content editors are able to easily switch datasets within the Sanity Studio, depending on the site that is currently being worked on.

South East Water UK | Household

South East Water UK | Building & Development

South East Water UK | Business & Retailers