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Talk In Arabic

The leading online resource for learning Middle Eastern and North African Arabic dialects.

Main blog page featuring both Sanity and MDX content
Sanity blog post
Sanity desk customized. Content categorized by Arabic dialect.

About the project

Talk In Arabic initially had around 350+ Markdown/MDX posts, focused on 8 different dialects of Arabic.

In order to increase our content output, we've found it difficult to manage content like this (dealing with writers/contributors from many different Arabic-speaking countries). So we turned to Sanity as a solution in setting up an easy-to-use content workflow, categorized by dialect that our contributors can now access directly.

Implementing this in Gatsby required a lot of tinkering on our part, pulling in each dialect type separately and then merging it with the existing MDX content.

We implemented a few minor changes to the block editor to enable Arabic inline text and also Arabic formatting (RTL).

We've added some custom block components to enable adding our audioplayers and Arabic dialogue samples to blog posts (see example here).

In addition to that, we used documentActions to disable publishing, deletion and unpublishing for contributors.

We feel as though we've only just scratched the surface on what we can achieve with Sanity but so far very happy.