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Sanity is ranked #1 out of 85 CMSes on G2

G2.com, the world's largest marketplace for software, has rated Sanity as the #1 leader in the Headless CMS category, as measured by customer review ratings and market presence

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DataStax: Personalizing digital experiences for a global audience

DataStax is a powerful developer platform for supporting modern data apps on any device and in any cloud. Over 90 percent of the Fortune 100 use DataStax to create transformational outcomes with data, including Microsoft, Cisco, and The Walt Disney Company.

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A portrait of Chad Alderson

With Sanity, we can tailor the open-source Studio to meet our content production needs and delight our site visitors, and at the same time, use their Content Lake to host our content. We love the agility and “no-ops happy meal” that Sanity brings to the table. It’s a genius approach.

Chad Alderson · Head of Marketing Design & Engineering @ Datastax

Trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies

Unmatched SaaS features


Multiple team members to work on the same content simultaneously, seeing each other's changes in real time. For SaaS companies, this means faster content updates and more dynamic team collaboration, crucial for maintaining up-to-date services and reacting quickly to market changes.


Define and customize content structures. This flexibility is particularly useful for SaaS platforms, where you need to tailor content management systems to different types of content and user interactions, ensuring that the CMS can evolve with the product without requiring major overhauls.

Powerful APIs

Powerful and flexible APIs, including GROQ and GraphQL, which enable complex queries and data manipulation. For SaaS businesses, these capabilities mean enhanced data handling efficiencies and the ability to integrate seamlessly with other systems and technologies, thereby improving operational agility and data-driven decision-making.


Extensive customization through plugins and add-ons, allowing businesses to extend and enhance their CMS as needed. For a SaaS CMS, this means the ability to continuously add new features or integrate third-party services without disrupting the core functionality, fostering innovation and maintaining competitive edge.

We love the control Sanity provides to make a custom integration with other JAMstack software. We have built custom integrations with Mailchimp, Vimeo, and NextJS. It makes for a tailored experience for our Clients, who almost all have transitioned away Wordpress. Not to mention we love groq.

Devin Edwards · CTO, Gearbox Web Development

Sanity powers content velocity across your team, with ease

High-quality, one-click translation

Sanity's AI Assist feature revolutionizes how SaaS companies approach multilingual content creation, offering a seamless and efficient solution for translating documents. By enabling high-quality, one-click translations directly within Sanity Studio, SaaS businesses can dramatically reduce the time and costs traditionally associated with personalizing content for global markets.

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Edit your content in seconds from the frontend

Sanity's Visual Editing feature marks a major advancement in content management efficiency, invaluable for SaaS businesses aiming to enhance agility in content updates. This innovative workflow allows content creators to directly interact with content blocks, instantly navigating to the corresponding location in Sanity Studio for editing. This drastically cuts down the time needed for updates and provides a clear, intuitive context for how content is utilized across different digital experiences, boosting both consistency and accuracy.

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Unleash your ideas. Ship with confidence and speed.

Give your teams editing experiences as joyful as the content they create. Customized to support any content type or workflow. Pre-loaded with visual editing tools that understand content reuse.

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I like Sanity because it's very clean and simple to create complex data models and easy to customise the look of the CMS itself. It takes away the complexities of having to write lots of queries and worry about getting relationships between entities wrong.

Nick Clark · Software & Systems Engineer @ BarNet

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