Desk structure with custom roles

By Rune Botten

Show different document lists based on a user's role


import S from '@sanity/base/structure-builder'
import client from 'part:@sanity/base/client'

// A groq query to find all access groups the current user is a member of. This
// includes both built in groups like 'administrator' and any custom groups you
// may have created as part of SSO etc.
const groupQuery = '* [_type == "" && $identity in members] {_id}'

// A fallback standard Desk structure

export default () => client.fetch(groupQuery)

  // Convenience: Get the last portion of the group documents '_id' property,
  // since we'd like to just work with the string 'editors' instead of
  // '_.groups.editors'
  .then(docs => => doc._id.split('.').pop()))
  .then(groupNames => {
    // groupNames now reflect the groups the current user is a member of

    // Build up an array of items depending on group membership. You may of
    // course do this completely different. This is just an example.
    const deskItems = []
    if (groupNames.includes('editors')) {
      // Add the items that editors should see

    if (groupNames.includes('wizards')) {
      // Add the items that wizards should see

    if (groupNames.includes('translators')) {
      // Completely separate desk structure
      return S.list().title('Translations').items(
        [] // Would contain items only for translators, for instance

    return S.list().title('Content').items(
  .catch(() => {
    // In case of any errors fetching the groups, just return some standard
    // structure. This will only happen if the query cannot be performed for
    // some reason.
    return S.list()
      .title('Standard structure')

An example of how to use the Structure Builder API to return a specified desk structure based on the group(s) a logged-in user belongs to. It fetches the group documents based on the identity and builds the structure array based on the different groups. You need to specify what these desk structures are yourself to make this script work.


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