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How to Autosize an Image within a Div and Resize for Screen Changes

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Last updated: Sep 4, 2021
for a sanity image-url object, how do i get an image returned which will autosize appropriately for my parent div bounding box, that will auto-resize as the screen size changes? https://www.sanity.io/docs/image-urls#fit-object-object
Sep 4, 2021, 5:06 AM
nevermind, figured it out, this is what ended up working, i used as
prop on my
tag ( i am using theme-ui) and that made the image scale according to the size of my window

            <div sx={{
              position: "relative",
                  .height(Math.floor((9 / 16) * 1200))
                  width: "100%",
                  height: "100%"
Sep 4, 2021, 5:24 AM

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