how to implement localization on blocks?

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Last updated: Oct 5, 2020

Hi!Does anyone have an idea on how to implement localization on blocks? I tried doing it with a similar approach to this but I’m having trouble with the queries in Gatsby, I could do a work around and get the data, but maybe someone knows a better way?

Sep 28, 2020, 8:21 PM

An approach I’ve considered for localization of a full site, is to just have a seperate dataset … I don’t know how that would compare, but think it could be the cleanest approach.

Sep 28, 2020, 9:03 PM

Since I don’t need the localization for the entire site, I’m not sure it’s the best approach for me. But thanks for responding, Ben.

Sep 28, 2020, 10:12 PM

Hi Ximena, what’s your current approach? Something like this?

import supportedLanguages from './supportedLanguages'

export default {
  name: 'localeBlockContent',
  type: 'object',
  fieldsets: [
      title: 'Translations',
      name: 'translations',
      options: {collapsible: true}
  fields: => ({
    title: lang.title,
    type: 'blockContent',
    fieldset: lang.isDefault ? null : 'translations'
This would give you essentially the same structure as with the locale fields from the example, nesting the block content in the locale codes. If you’ve set up a utility to deeply localise entire documents ( ), you won’t have to specify things further.
One direction would then be:

import BlockContent from '@sanity/block-content-to-react'
<BlockContent blocks={data.sanityPost._rawContent} serializers={serializers} />
export const query = graphql`
  query myPostQuery {
    sanityPost(_id: { eq: "myPostId" }) {

Sep 29, 2020, 5:51 AM

Thank you Peter! I was having trouble because of weird nesting I think, but this helped a lot 😁

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