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WebpackError: Configuration must contain `projectId`

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Last updated: Nov 17, 2020
Hey everyone, I’ve noticed this has come up a few times before but there doesn’t seem to be a clear solution. Currently we are using the sanity client to fetch data for our Gatsby app. This is our configuration:

const client = require("@sanity/client");

export const sanityClient = client({
  projectId: process.env.SANITY_PROJECT_ID,
  dataset: process.env.SANITY_NODE_ENV,
  useCdn: false,
Everything ran fine during development, but we ran in some issues when trying to build. This is what we are getting:

  49 |
  50 |   if (projectBased && !newConfig.projectId) {
> 51 |     throw new Error('Configuration must contain `projectId`');
     | ^
  52 |   }
  53 |
  54 |   var isBrowser = typeof window !== 'undefined' && window.location && window.location.hostname;

  WebpackError: Configuration must contain `projectId`

  - config.js:51

  - sanityClient.js:78
Any help with this would be great appreciated. Thanks!
Nov 17, 2020, 10:35 PM
Hey ! This might me a problem coming from your .env not being properly loaded during build-time.
Maybe you can try to replace your
by a string and try to build again to see if it works.
Nov 17, 2020, 10:39 PM
Hi Hervé,Thank you for your reply! Strangely enough when we tried this earlier it didn’t work, but now it does!
Cheers for your help!
Nov 17, 2020, 10:47 PM

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