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Last updated July 09, 2021

Deploying Sanity Studio with Surge

By Rishi Raj Jain

Sanity Studio is a single page app (SPA) written in React, where you can configure the document types and input fields, with simple JavaScript objects. This guide will walk you through how to deploy Sanity Studio with Surge in three simple steps.

Step 1: Setting Up your Sanity Studio Project

NOTE: You can skip this step if you already have a project set up.

First, install the Sanity CLI:

npm i -g @sanity/cli

To initiate a new project and download the Studio code to your computer, run the following in the command line:

sanity init

The Sanity CLI will walk you through the necessary steps to set up a project, letting you choose a schema template. When you're done with these steps, the CLI will download the source code and configuration to get you started. To start a local development server, cd into the project folder and run the following command:

sanity start

Step 2: Preparing for Deployment

First, install the Surge CLI:

npm install --global surge

Open your package.json and add scripts as below:

"scripts": {

"start": "sanity start",

"build": "sanity build",

"deploy": "cd dist && surge"


Step 3: Deploy With Surge

To deploy run:

npm run build && npm run deploy

Once Sanity Studio is deployed, you will need to add it's URL to Sanity’s CORS origins settings. You can do this from the command line:

sanity cors add https://your-url.surge.sh --credentials

Alternatively, you can navigate to manage.sanity.io, find your project and under Settings > API, add the Studio URL to the CORS origins list. You should allow credentials as the Studio requires authentication for added security.

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