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Asset Source for Pexels

By Dorell James

Seach photos on Pexels and use them directly inside of your Sanity Studio.


Be careful with your API key. If you use this Sanity plugin, it's a good idea to make your repository private. Technically, the said API key can be accessed inside of the JS-bundle if someone knows the domain for the studio.


sanity install asset-source-pexels


The plugin can be configured through <your-studio-folder>/config/asset-source-pexels.json:

  "api-key": "<PEXELS-API-KEY>",
  "results": {
    "per_page": 24
  "searchTimeout": 500

For now, this is a bring your own API key. In next release, I'll make it optional behind a proxy while also retaining the capability to use your own of course. Anyone wants to help out, sure, appreciate it.

You can configure how many photos are returned initially on load, from search and succeeding results via results.per_page which is initially set to 24. Also by default, we set your search keyword to debounced by 500 milliseconds so as not to blast your API usage as soon as your search keyword changes.


MIT © Dorell James See LICENSE

Install command

sanity install asset-source-pexels


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