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Autocomplete Input

By Liam Martens

This plugin provides a way of dynamically providing autocomplete results to your editors.



This plugin is similar to the Autocomplete Tags Plugin, but it acts as a single text input as opposed to an array of tags. The input can also be customized to change the autocomplete options.


You can just use it as a schema type. To customize the autocomplete list you have 3 options:

  1. Specify the autocompleteFieldPath option, which the plugin will use to look for documents with the same field path to aggregate the option values.
  2. Manually specify options in the schema option
  3. Specify your own GROQ query returning a [{ "value": "foobar" }] format (you can use a transform function if this is not achievable using GROQ only)
export default {
  fields: [
      name: 'autocomplete-input',
      type: 'autocomplete',
      options: {
        // specify field path
        autocompleteFieldPath: 'title',
        // manually specify options
        options: [
          { value: 'Option 1' },
          { value: 'Option 2' }
        // specify custom groq query
        groq: {
          query: '*[_type == $type] { "value": title }',
          params: {
            type: 'page'
          transform: (values) => values

Install command

sanity install autocomplete-input


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