Media Library

By Dennis Passway

The missing media library for Sanity. With support for filters per tag and extension. And it's fully themeable! 🔥

Media Library for Sanity

The missing media library for Sanity. With support for filters per tag and extension. And it's fully themeable! 🔥

Media library in dark theme

Media library in light theme


  • Media library appears in CMS navigation
  • Support for images and files
  • View/Edit your assets in once single place:
    • View asset details
    • Add alt tags to your image in a central place
  • Grid view and list view (with more details):
    • Sort by latest or alphabetically
    • Search by alt, tag, or file name
    • View asset details in a list view
  • Asset organizing:
    • Add tags to your assets to create structure in your media library
    • Select 1 or multiple assets with cmd/ctrl or shift
    • Delete 1 or multiple asset(s) at a time
    • Filter by (multiple) file extension(s) or tag(s)
    • Clear filters with a click on a button
    • Drag 1 or multiple assets to a tag to add them
  • Asset uploading:
    • Upload 1 or multiple files with the upload button
    • Also drag to upload 1 or multiple files
  • Asset source:
    • Use it where it's useful: select images with the media library in your documents
  • Quick action: Double click an asset to trigger it's primary action
  • Customizable theme:
    • Comes with a dark and light theme, both are fully customizable.



In your Sanity project's directory run :

sanity install media-library


yarn add sanity-plugin-media-library


npm install --save sanity-plugin-media-library

Adding the library

In your sanity.json add it to the list of plugins:

  "plugins": [

Installing as asset source

Using the media library as an asset source requires a little more configuration. In your sanity.json add the following to the parts array:

  "implements": "part:@sanity/form-builder/input/image/asset-source",
  "path": "./assetSource.js"

And in assetSource.js add:

import AssetSource from "part:sanity-plugin-media-library/asset-source";
export default [AssetSource];

Done, you're ready to go!

Configuration / Theming

After installing the plugin, a config file is automatically created at config/media-library.json.

In this file you can set the theme to light or dark and optionally add themeChanges. For a list of available options see the keys in /src/themes/darkTheme.ts.

  "theme": "dark",
  "themeChanges": {}

Example with themeChanges:

  "theme": "light",
  "themeChanges": {
    "bottomBarBorderColor": "hotpink",
    "buttonPrimaryBorderColor": "hotpink"


  • Improve the tag input in AssetModal


To contribute a theme, add it in themes/[themename].ts. If you run into problems or have feature requests, please create an issue or pull request and I'll look into it as soon as I can.

Install command

sanity install media-library