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Vimeo Browser


A plugin to browse and select Vimeo videos directly from the Sanity studio

Sanity Plugin Vimeo Browser

A plugin to browse and select vimeo videos directly from the Sanity studio.

Disclaimer: This plugin is very WIP and it's API might change in the future

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  sanity install @fnc/sanity-plugin-vimeo-browser

Add to the schemas where you want to have video support.

Make sure to add an env variable called SANITY_STUDIO_VIMEO_TOKEN. Generate this token via the Vimeo dashboard (Requires Vimeo Pro). It needs access to the scopes private create upload video_files public.


To develop this plugion locally, run the command npm link in the root folder of this project. Open a new terminal at the root of the studio folder and run the command npm link @fnc/sanity-plugin-vimeo-browser. Then you can run npm run dev from this folder, and the project will hot reload at file changes.


Thanks to Robin Pyon and Sanity Plugin Media for details on how to make a full screen input component.

Install command

sanity install @fnc/sanity-plugin-vimeo-browser



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