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14islands V4

By 14islands

We are a creative design and technology studio crafting lovable products, brands, and experiences.

Design & Technology
Case studies on mobile
Case studies
Service page, articles, case
Structure navigation
MUX integration
Custom metadata preview
Content structure

About the project

The design features a very Scandinavian look & feel, with strong typography to help deliver our main values and propositions. The motion is inspired by our branding, which resonates with water. Hover the thumbnails, and you will get a nice WebGL effect :)

Sanity v3 was used for this project with NextJS 13. Unfortunately, we couldn't use the new app-router approach, as it's very limiting with transition compatibility - an important requirement for us (as you can tell!). There are known issues with popular transition frameworks, so we decided to stick to the standard approach. We also feature our r3f-scroll-rig library for a smooth scrolling experience.


  • Real-time preview with the iframe pane and perspectives
  • Custom structure with content modeling
  • SEO features include redirects, canonical links, and robot indexing control - all from the CMS!
  • Page builder with re-usable components for generic pages
  • Custom metadata pane with a preview for social sharing
  • MUX integration to upload videos straight from the CMS
  • WebGL shaders on some interactions
  • r3f-scroll-rig for syncing 3D meshes and DOM elements

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