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National Museum Wales: Becoming Richard Burton

By Simon Rogers

Interactive exhibition about the Welsh acting legend

About the project

My first bi-lingual website… an interactive exhibition about Welsh acting legend Richard Burton for Museum of Wales!It’s been very fun collaborating with a couple of friends on this, Art Directors Oliver Gabe and Ashley Kirby of Focus Group, and between all our ideas and references, we ended up with everything but the kitchen sink… editorial layout across four sections, featuring Roman columns, oscar quizzes, a Where is Richard Burton mini-game, multiple types of serializer in portable text for hidden image annotations, images alongside the text with magnifiers, in multiple positions, Spotify, YouTube and Twitter embeds, MUX video streaming – all in English and Welsh!

For the Where is Richard Burton game, I’ve (mis)used Sanity’s image hotspot feature to identify Richard Burton in old school photos – feeling very smug about this intuitive hack.

It’s been a mammoth learning experience implementing this many individual design moments across a single website, alongside the dual-domain dual-language switching. There’s a lot of small improvements to be made and I’d wholeheartedly welcome any bugs spotted as there will be many I need to iron out…


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