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Blue Nose

By Ikius

From legacy to headless with Sanity, Next.js, and Netlify

Blue Nose full screen capture
Blue Nose full website. Click for a full-sized image

About the project

Turku-based Blue Nose is a cruise company that takes passengers all around the Turku archipelago and the surrounding islands.

We built a new marketing website to optimize reserving cruises and increase brand awareness. The site is built with Sanity and Next.js and hosted on Netlify.

Before moving to Jamstack, Blue Nose's site was hosted on a legacy CMS that was being deprecated and didn't even support mobile browsers! After migrating to Next.js, Blue Nose's site is optimized and ready to sail to the next-gen waters.

Scope and challenges

  • Migrate Blue Nose's legacy site to a modern tech stack (Sanity, Next.js, and Netlify)
  • Improve content management and site performance.
  • Build a friendly, converting landing page

Solutions and results

  • Implemented a modernized, multi-user headless content management with Sanity CMS
  • Built a next-gen frontend using Next.js
  • 20% increased conversion rates
  • Got 3x faster page load times compared to the previous website



Next-gen digital experiences, with a Nordic touch. We help forward-thinking companies and brands create software products that make a difference.

Ikius is located at Turku, Finland
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