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Brightway Careers

By Ikius

WordPress site migration to Sanity and Gatsby.js

A full screen capture of Brightway Careers' home page

About the project

Helsinki-based Brightway Careers is an HR platform serving clients in the Baltic and Nordic regions.

We migrated Brightway's site from WordPress to Jamstack and saw an astonishing increase in Google Lighthouse's performance score. We also provided guidance and help regarding UI/UX when working with Brightway's designers to create a refreshed style for the brand.

The site is multilingual and features a fully customizable page structure with modular components and content for each locale. The content is managed with Sanity - an excellent Headless CMS for Brightway's use case.

Scope and challenges

  • Migrate Brightway's dated WordPress site to a new, faster website based on Sanity CMS
  • Build a modern frontend based on Gatsby.js

Solutions and results

  • Headless technology implementation
  • 6x faster website performance



Next-gen digital experiences, with a Nordic touch. We help forward-thinking companies and brands create software products that make a difference.

Ikius is located at Turku, Finland
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