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Guidepost Montessori

By Planetary

We use Sanity to support a growing network of Montessori schools across the world.

A custom school page for one of their network schools.
A module with a browsable list of schools by region can be embedded on multiple pages.
The school locations search page helps parents find their local Guidepost.
On the location search page, parents can filter by region and program.

About the project

We collaborated closely with Higher Ground Education to revolutionize their entire web network, enhancing the experience for parents seeking comprehensive information about Montessori learning and seamless connections with local branches for their children.

For Guidepost Montessori, their extensive school network, we undertook the task of empowering each individual school to effortlessly and swiftly customize their dedicated web pages, while giving the network the tools to effortlessly update programs and learning opportunities across the entire website.

Leveraging the power of Sanity, we constructed a highly modular website, enabling content editors to modularly edit sections of the site according to their unique requirements, while maintaining well-structured pages to ensure consistent layouts. By using Next.js alongside Sanity, we were able to seamlessly integrate third-party systems, such as CRMs, while attending to Core Web Vitals for optimal performance.


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