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By Planetary

A refreshed digital experience for the rebranding of nTop and launch of their new product.

Understand how nTop becomes a part of your engineering workflow.
The innovation gallery shows off the work customers have created using nTop.
The resources section allows users to search through a wide array of case studies and other resources.
nTop offers extensive improvements over standard CAD software.

About the project

We empowered the nTop team to streamline their content management process across a diverse range of case studies, product pages, written articles, and videos, all while upholding a cohesive design, implementing SEO best practices, and achieving impressive page loading speeds.

In order to cater to nTop's evolving sales objectives and support their thriving user community, our solution provides the team with the flexibility to curate each page according to its specific content. This approach allows the team to focus on generating new sales opportunities while ensuring a seamless user experience. Through the utilization of an array of modular components, each section of the website is highly customizable, allowing for the stacking and nesting of elements to create unique page layouts.

Next.js and Sanity allowed us to implement real-time page previews and on-the-go editing capabilities, enabling content editors to seamlessly review and collaborate with others. Once the content is perfected, publishing is an instant and efficient process. Our system automatically optimizes the content and images for optimal performance, ensuring a high-quality user experience upon publication.


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