By Kristoffer Brabrand

School teaching programs for critical media use and source awareness

Frontpage with filtering/browsing of teching programs
A teaching program on the topic of polarization in the US
Screencast showing live preview in action when creating a quiz 🌈

About the project

Tenk (Norwegian for the imperative verb «think») is a project aimed at the Norwegian secondary school with the goal of educating youth in critical media use and source awareness. Tenk provides well thought out teaching material for teachers, as well as actual class room activities for the pupils.

We were brought on to do identity, design and tech, and even though the primary focus was on creating a calm and user friendly experience we got to experiment with new aspects of sanity.

Data import
Since the Tenk staff builds teaching material for use in schools, one of the requirements was for them to be able to connect the material to goals and key skills described in the curriculum provided by UDIR (The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training) from an API called GREP. They wanted this so the teachers can now what part of the curriculum a specific piece of material from Tenk covers.

GREP contains all imaginable details about any topic at any level in the Norwegian school system, so it was a challenge to import only the necessary bits, but the sanity API for doing patches and mutations proved flexible and it was probably the easiest import job I've done to date.

In total we imported around 4000 documents for GREP content which is now available to the editors in the sanity studio when publishing new teaching material.

Live preview
In this project we got the opportunity to test out next-sanity for the first time. It is the smoothest live preview we have ever tried. By a long way! We have some slowness due to a large number of documents to keep in memory, but overall it works really, really well.

In earlier projects we've often gotten feedback that it's a bit hard to understand where the fields are used, as Sanity is a step away from the traditional page based publishing system; but it's not come up once in this project. I think that has a lot to do with being able to se the content as you edit.


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