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Last updated June 08, 2022

Attaching a project to an organization

By Geoff Ball & Daniel Favand

If you started a project on your personal account, you can easily transfer it to an organization.

When you first create a project, that project will start as a personal project administered by the logged in user (i.e., you). (Note: If you're using version 2.29.3 or later of the Sanity CLI, you can now select an organization when creating a project.) You can see all of your projects by going to https://www.sanity.io/manage, clicking Select project or organization in the top-left corner, and clicking on your name (or you can select one directly via the flyout menu that appears when hovering over your name), or by going to https://www.sanity.io/manage/personal/projects.

The "Select project or organization" dropdown allows you to navigate between personal and organization projects.

To add a project to an organization, that organization must first exist. If it does, it will appear under that same dropdown menu from the previous step. If it doesn’t exist, you can select + Create new organization either from the top menu bar or the dropdown menu. You can also create an organization by going to https://www.sanity.io/manage/create-new-team. Either way, you will need to be an administrator of the organization to accept the project transfer.

The menu allows you to create a new organization.

Now that you have a personal project and belong to an organization, you can initiate the transfer by going to your project page. Your projects should be listed at https://www.sanity.io/manage/personal/projects but you can also access them via the dropdown menu in the top-left corner. You will need to be a project administrator to initiate the project transfer.

The menu allows you to select a personal project.

If you go to the Settings tab and scroll down, you should see a heading called Danger zone with a subheading called Transfer ownership.

Look for the "Transfer ownership" button on the project settings page.

Click on the Transfer ownership button and a modal box will appear. Select the Organization that should receive the project and click Transfer ownership. The project should now appear under the Organization rather than your personal projects.

Select the organization to which you want to transfer the project.

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