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Document chart

Display a chart giving you a rough count of your various document types.

Sanity Dashboard Widget: Document Chart

A widget for the Sanity Content Studio Dashboard which displays a barchart giving a count of your doument types

Disclaimer: This widget is intended as proof of concept/example for building your own Sanity dashboard plugins. It's so feature-incomplete that there are more empty checkboxes on this repo than there are neurons in a cephalopd brain 🦑


cd <my-studio-folder>
sanity install dashboard-widget-document-chart

Then add something like to your dashboardConfig.js file

  name: 'document-chart',
  options: {types: ['post', 'author', 'sanity.imageAsset']},
  layout: {width: 'full'}

Swap those types for whichever types you have in your Studio, and want to render in this chart.

There's more on how to configure your dashboard at

Install command


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