URL Metadata Input

By Espen Hovlandsdal

URL input for Sanity that retrieves metadata (title, description) along with open graph information.


URL input for Sanity that retrieves metadata (title, description) along with opengraph information.

Note: The resolving is done by an addon to the Sanity API and usage will at some point be an opt-in addon that is billed.


sanity install url-metadata-input


Use it in your schema types:

// [...]
  fields: [
    // [...]
      name: 'relatedUrl',
      title: 'Related URL',
      type: 'urlWithMetadata'

Data model

Note: Empty keys are not included

  _type: 'urlWithMetadata',

  // Raw user-input URL
  url: 'http://sanity.io',

  // Resolved URL after redirects
  resolvedUrl: 'https://sanity.io/',

  // Date when the metada resolving was performed
  crawledAt: '2017-09-01T09:48:35.501Z',

  // Basic metadata (from <head> of the page)
  meta: {
    title: 'Sanity – The fully customizable, headless CMS',
    description: 'Manage structured data collaboratively [...]'

  // OpenGraph data (camelcased keys, eg `og:video:width` == `videoWidth`)
  // See http://ogp.me/ for more information
  openGraph: {
    title: '...',
    description: '...',
    siteName: '...',
    type: '...',
    url: '...',
    image: '...',
    imageAlt: '...',
    imageSecureUrl: '...',
    imageType: '...',
    imageHeight: '...',
    imageWidth: '...',
    audio: '...',
    audioSecureUrl: '...',
    audioType: '...',
    determiner: '...',
    locale: '...',
    video: '...',
    videoSecureUrl: '...',
    videoType: '...',
    videoHeight: '...',
    videoWidth: '...',


MIT-licensed. See LICENSE.

Install command

sanity install url-metadata-input


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