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By Rico Kahler

The Sanity Desk Tool Pane with Super Powers


The Sanity Desk Tool Pane with Super Powers

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Status: ⚠️ MVP/EARLY ALPHA. There is much more planned for this thing. Stay tuned/Watch Releases to be notifed with updates.

Please report bugs!


Super Pane aims to replace the traditional document type list pane in the Sanity Studio for certain documents that need more editing power. The goal of Super Pane is to enable more bulk editing and quick scanning while not losing any of the live-edit/reactivity of Sanity.

Super Pane aims to feel Sanity-y via @sanity/ui other integrations.


# note: the alpha tag is needed at this time
yarn add sanity-super-pane@alpha

Then integrate Super Pane using the structure builder:

import S from '@sanity/desk-tool/structure-builder';
import { createSuperPane } from 'sanity-super-pane';

export default () =>
      S.listItem().title('Normal List').child(createSuperPane('movie', S)),

Install command

yarn add sanity-super-pane


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